The Ambassador Program

Applications are now closed.

Thank you all for applying! We will be accepting another round of applications for ambassadors in the fall.

The Program

Girlgaze is only a year old, but we're already a community that is vibrant and growing. We started out focusing on photographers through Instagram—and we're loving it—but we are expanding to include all kinds of creatives on even more platforms. If you are here, you're already supporting us and in the know. We'd love for you to join our creative community by being our word of mouth as we move forward. Female voices matter, and we want yours to help support that. 

You can become an Ambassador and help contribute to Girlgaze from wherever you are. We're looking for girls and allies from all different backgrounds who are excited to be a part of Girlgaze and spread the word!

What You'll Share

Be our word of mouth! We want everyone who loves Girlgaze to pass on the beauty and wonder of the world through girls' eyes. You'll share Girlgaze Instagram posts, newsletters and videos through your social media channels using our specific ambassador hashtags. We want all of you vibrant and talented creatives who are waist-deep in your own interests—whether it's all things fashion, tech, politics or art—to share Girlgaze with your communities. 

What We Want to Share with You

  • We'd love to share some cool-merch we have lying around—stickers, cards, pins*
  • The Girlgaze Ambassador Newsletter with exclusive info just for you!*
  • An All Access Pass to our meet-ups, hiring opportunities and e-courses*
  • Most importantly—opportunities for your voice to be heard as an active member of a community of creative girls!

    *This will be dependent and tiered based on participation, number of shares, etc.