Happy New Year


Nothing is better than starting 2016 off right with a deluge of photographers! We taught, designed, created, and launched 15 new brands and websites in person in 2 DAYS FLAT! You might be wondering why we get so pumped up about websites. We'll here's the thing: 


Because, in reality it’s more than just a website. (Cue inspiring Rocky soundtrack) These visionaries are paving a new path for the future of their business by taking their brand and website strategy to the next level. And that is worth celebrating! 


In the classic textbook History of Art by H.W. Janson, only 27 female artists are represented. In eight major museums, only 28% of solo exhibitions spotlighted women throughout the 2000s. For a woman breaking into the industry, the obstacles are unquestionably harder. That’s why we need to put girls behind the lens — not just in front of it. @AmandadeCadenet teamed up with @TeenVogue to launch #girlgaze, a social media-fueled hunt to showcase the next generation of female photographers. Together with the help of industry notables like Amber Valletta, Lynsey Addario, Sam Taylor-Johnson, and Inez van Lamsweerde, we’ll be sorting through your submissions for the chance to be featured in Teen Vogue, plus a special NYC #girlgaze exhibition. Just post your photo with #girlgaze to get the party started.